Senator Shehu Sani, the former lawmaker who represented Kaduna Central Senatorial District,  has been discharged from efcc custody, Sani was discharged on Thursday evening, after met bail requirements

An aide to the former lawmaker, Suleiman Ahmed, said his boss was dischargrd around 6: 15pm.

Meanwhile Senator shehu sani vowed to speak louder, when he comes out alive.
He wrote:
“The allegations of “extortion” against me is baseless, factless, unfounded, and hollow.
“It is a scripted stream of mischievous concoctions and utter fabrications using a puppet state agent; all aimed at splashing faeces and mud on me.
“The extortion allegation is nothing but a wholesale falsehood, packaged in a phantom anti-graft facade to taint, stain and mute me. That shall never happen if I am alive.
“I have made my statement and provided all my facts against their package of lies and I demand the EFCC to make public all the sheets of our statements and supporting documents for the world to see.
“My detention is unfair, unjust, prearranged and politically motivated.
“Alhaji Sani Dauda and his hidden sponsors have not been able to provide any proof of their allegations. I’m unjustly incarcerated on the ground of an arranged two page petition backed with no evidential or documentary proof.

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