Even if you are married to the best spouse in the whole world,
if you do not guard your heart, you may end up "falling in love"
with someone aside your spouse and eventually ruin your
No one gets married and plan to have affair but lots of
married men and women are into affairs today because they
slept when they should have been wide awake with their five
senses alert.
1. Don't be too friendly with the opposite sex. This is where
lots of married people land in trouble. Over spirituality and
pride will destroy your marriage! You can't handle close
friendship with the opposite sex as a married person. Your
heart is involved. Set boundaries. Be disciplined. Be cordial.
Be respectful. Be godly. Be holy.
2. Don't share your personal problems with an opposite sex
friend. It will bond you together. Problems bond people.
3. Don't contact any opposite sex you are fond of. If you
secretly admire them, you are fond of them and their is a
tingling in your heart at the mere thought of them, don't
4. Avoid unnecessary eye contact that lingers with the
opposite sex.
5. Don't tell an opposite sex you are romantic or sexy, that
private information is for your spouse only.
6. Avoid discussions with the opposite sex when you are tired,
very sad, depressed, sorrowful, drowsy, sleepy or very sick.
This can cloud your judgment and make you say silly things.
Talk to your husband/wife instead.
7. Avoid unnecessary compliment of the opposite sex.
8. Stop saying "I love you" to the opposite sex, for what?
9. Work on your marriage. Keep the fire of love and romance
alive in your marriage.
10. Protect your family. Don't share your marital problem with
your opposite sex friend, it will bond you.
11.Never flirt with the opposite sex.
12. Mind the pictures you post on the social media. Limit
pictures that show your curves or portray you as sexy.
13. Do not contact all your EX after marriage.
14. Don't chat with the opposite sex on the days you are
15. Stop focusing on your spouse's weaknesses and appreciate
their strengths. If you always see the bad side of your spouse,
you will be angry, bitter, critical and look for someone who can
"understand" you and make you happy aside your spouse, that
is the beginning of an emotional affair and eventual sexual
affair. It is the beginning of the end of a once glorious
FLEE from all appearance of evil is what the Bible says.
What you will not eat, don't bring it to your nose, don't smell it!
Don't start what you cannot finish!
Avoid all emotional and sexual affairs, they will destroy your
May you not take a step that will lead to eternal regret in
Jesus' name.

Let this message get to the Good Women Leader and Mens Fellowship Leader and let them share it on their various group platforms so all married men and women will get it.
Let them discuss it at their meetings. 
The Lord will keep our homes, marriages and keep us pure to reign with Him in Jesus name. Amen. 

Thank you.

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