Having watched with keen interest the level of propaganda being peddled by Kwara State government and her social media agents whose motives is to spin the reality surrounding illegal demolition of Ile-Arugbo  and the ongoing court proceedings , I think as one of those who have been present in court since  the beginning of this case , I will lend my voice to straighten this issue  not because of defeated Kwara State government and her mischievous social media machineries but because of unsuspecting public who may be misinformed by their calumny antics against Saraki and the aged women whose interest is butchered by government who promised to protect them 

Knowing fully that Dr Bukola Saraki continued rising popularity even outside the corridor of power is giving the present APC Government in the state a serous headache , one should understand why propaganda against Bukola Saraki is given topmost attention in this government and it would not even surprise us if there are provisions for such in the 2020 budget laid before the state Assembly .

Having said that, let me brush through some events which occurred today at the court in respect of the subject matter , I have seen propaganda flying by hired writers without regards to the integrity of the honorable  court but we are not moved because the law and morality are firmly on our side 

*History of The Out of Court Settlement Option*

At the last court sitting on January 15th where both  lawyers , that is, saraki's family lawyer (Standing for Ile-Arugbo) and government lawyer  presented themselves before the court , one of the defendants in the case who happened to be the Inspector General of Police was absent, the presiding judge then ordered that he be served through substituted means (pasting of court summon in kwara state Police Hq ) to make sure he has notice of the next court hearing which was today.

After the issue of picking a suitable adjournment date had been settled between both parties ,  the presiding judge in his wisdom now admonished both sides to consider dropping their individual ego in the interest of the state and toe the path of Peace with respect to the case before it .

The judge in his  magnanimity had observed that it would be unwise for a piece of land not up to one plot to be creating serious tension and acrimony in the state, hence  advised  both parties to employ possible peaceful dialogue rather than putting the court through rigorous processes in settling the dispute which appeared to be drawing political tension in the state .

Following this, b both counsel took the hint and advise  of  tthe Honorable court to work out possible modalities to engage one another on possible out of court settlement in order to give peace a chance . 

On the basis of that and since it is the normal tradition of lawyers  in  the spirit of amicable  settlement to fashion out convenient date, time and venue for the parties to meet and discuss the way forward, as a matter of fact,   either of the lawyer can write to the other lawyer suggesting date, time and venue for the meeting in order to speed up the process of reconciliation.
 saraki's family having been known in Ilorin and kwara in general to be a peaceful family,  their subsequently caused a letter to be written to the government in a bid to abide by the gentlemen agreements which was to be reached before His Lordship at the prior hearings , the letter which was expected to be treated with utmost confidentiality by the state government was however transmitted to some media outlets working with the government with an ulterior motives to blackmail the Sarakis family who have been enjoying public encomium since inception of this illegality.

As if that was not enough , Premiumtimes was also contracted  to assist them spread the letter to have wide coverage beyond the state . 

All these are strategies to push Dr Bukola Saraki and his supporters to the wall so as to  reduce ourselves to the mud inside which the government and its hired writers are swimming ,but our long experience in government plus moral upbringing have placed us above their evil schemes until this morning in court.


Earlier today at the court , there was no much waste of time as Saraki's lawyers had already received response from the state government agreeing to the Court's advice and welcoming the move for peaceful resolutions. 

At the resume hearing , Saraki lawyers said before Lordship thus :

*"On January 15th, your lordship conscientiously advised parties to explore amicable settlement of the case out of court in the interest of peace in this state of harmony. Consequent upon that , we as counsel to the claimant had to persuade our client and after thorough discussions,  our client instructed us to write a letter to the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice of the state of our readiness to meet with him. And the said letter was  served on 20th January, 2020 on the state Attorney general who in return  served on us this morning in  court their response letter dated January 23rd, 2020 from the Kwara state Ministry of Justice. In the letter we are invited for a meeting slated for 27th January, 2020.*"

*“We want to explore the opportunity this court has afforded us. We therefore, apply  that an adjournment is imminent and inevitable.”*

The government lawyers upon hearing this also explained to the Judge that they align with the position of Saraki's Lawyers , this was also accepted by the representative of the inspector general of police .

The judge therefore expressed his happiness that both parties are ready to embrace peace . 

*We were therefore surprised to read in the  social media falsehood about inability of lawyers to tender R of O before the court  when in fact and in reality the case has not come up for hearing where both parties would have opportunity to present their family and documents to substantiate their case. And the issue of hearing/trial could only come to play when settlement has broken down irretrievably between the parties but that has not been so because the case is still at the preliminary stage for Mention.*

*Kwarans are  happy that  Saraki has approached  the court  being the last hope of a common man.We believe that the road to success may be a tortious journey but we have high hope in the judiciary.*

 The  sarakis family with the  prayers  of the  aged women, sympathisers, supporters, ardent folowers and  the RAHMA of the Almighty Allah will triumph over any evil  machinations, propaganda, concocted lies, fake news and the rest designed or fashioned against them.

Sholyment Olusegun Olusola 

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