The continue intimidation of Oba of Jebba by Fulani Oligarchy masquerading over Ilorin Emirate council must be stop. This is necessary because there is subsisting high court Judgement that bestowed Chieftaincy Recognition over Jebba Land as Yoruba territory.
The following facts below germaine for all Oodua descendants both home and in diaspora to rally round the Jebba Oduduwa Traditional council, as the ancestral traditional boundary of Oduduwa Territory.
For more information please contact Alhaji Aduranigba Imam Yoruba.
1. Jebba has been in existence since 1703
2. Jebba was founded by two brothers: Adebola Adebara and Odaso Adebara
3. The Obaship began in 1897 with first Oba of Jebba as Oba Adebola Adebara (1897-1901)
4. Second Oba of Jebba was Oba Odaso Adebara (1901-1930)
5. Third Oba of Jebba was Oba Muhammad Ayoola Adebara (1930-1943)
6. Fourth Oba of Jebba was Oba (Alh) Ahmadu Akanbi Adebara (1943-2003)
7. Fifth Oba of Jebba is Oba (Alh) Abdulkadir Alabi Adebara (2003-Date)
8. That the present Oba of Jebba leaved with the late ninth Emir of Ilorin Alh. Zulkarnaini Aiyelabowo Alabi opo Gambari when the Emir was a court clerk prior to Zulkarnaini ascension to the throne.
9. That the present Oba of Jebba used to take the present Emir of Ilorin Alh. Ibrahim Sulu Gambari to Quranic class "ile kewu" (Madrasat) when Ibrahim was a small boy.
10. That the ninth Emir of Ilorin wrote a letter to the fourth Oba of Jebba requesting for the history about Jebba, Adebara dynasty of Jebba and ascension to the throne of Jebba in 1987 in order to include it in his proposed book publication on Ilorin.
11. That the present Emir of Ilorin when he ascended the throne in 1995 requested for the letter written by his father (ninth Emir of Ilorin) to Oba of Jebba in order to destroyed it.
12. That Jebba is 108km away from Ilorin and Kwara State Government should implement a judgement delivered at Kwara State High Court of Justice that exonerate Moro Local Government Area from emirate since 1997.
13. That Jebba is not part of Ilorin Emirate, not even part of Kwara Central Senatorial district BUT belong to Kwara North Senatorial district and Yoruba with a traditional king as OBA OF JEBBA.
14. That Emir of Ilorin should henceforth stop taken 5% allocation that belongs to Moro Local Government Area traditional rulers in which Oba of Jebba is inclusive.
15. That the Kwara State Government during Senator Bukola Saraki regime as the governor arraigned Oba of Jebba in court, which lasted for 8 years, 2006-2014.
16. That the Kwara State Government should implement the 2014 judgement delivered at the Kwara State High Court of Justice in favour of Oba of Jebba with all his salaries and entitlement paid.
17. That Oba of Jebba escaped an assassination attempt on 6th of July 2016 on his way to his palace after Eid-el-fitri prayer, which led to the death of 3 promising youths. The case is still in Federal High Court, Ilorin in a suit FGN vs Abubakar Kayode Okedare and 23 Otrs.
18. That Oba of Jebba under a grave vine information escaped being sent on an exile by the State Government in 2017. The case is still in Kwara State High Court of Justice in a suit Oba Abdulkadir Alabi Adebara vs Kwara State Governor, Kwara State Anthony General and Commissioner for Justice, and Kwara State Commissioner of Police.
19. That the present Oba of Jebba Land is 92 years old who continuously enjoying the love and peaceful coexistence of his subjects both in and his environs.
20. That Kwara State Government should stop, humiliating and oppressing Oba of Jebba and Jebba people.
21. For equity, fair play and justice, Kwara State Government should without any delay give due recognition to Oba of Jebba and elevate the stool of Oba of Jebba to a First Class status.
Prince Oba-Loye Adimula call on all the sincere Oodua descendants to show interest in securing independence for JEBBA Town, as Yoruba territory. Please read more in the link below....
Kwara monarch laments at 90th birthday https://

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