Kwara LG / Subeb teachers woke up today 30/01/2020 with alerts of 15% of month of their arrears despite last administration being forced by the EFCC to leave behind #10.4b for the administration of Mallam Abdulrasaq Abdulrahman. 

Before 2019 election, the present APC led government, promised heaven and earth and scamed people through their radio propaganda that the take home of workers in kwara was nothing comparable to Kogi, Osun and Oyo states. 

However, to the unpleasant surprise of many especially gaulible workers in the last 8 months of this present government, nothing has been added to their salaries, workers still   earn what last administration was paying them, no promotion, no leave bonus, nothing whatsoever from what was promised by the lying administration. 

Furthermore, by May this year, the administration of Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq will be one year in office with nothing to show for it, no single empowerment for the youths, not to even talk about the aged.
 I remember within one hundred days in office of AbdulFatahi Ahmed, he engaged 2000 youths in to KWABES but under the present government nothing like that, only lies and propaganda. 

Finally, we want to urge kwara workers to support the labour in their fight against the present government because from all indications, the present government have nothing to offer workers otherwise the issue of new minimum wage shouldn't have gotten to the deadlock level at all, going by their campaign propaganda before last year election. 

Concern workers, write from Ilorin..........

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