-Observe decorum in public utterances, Kwara Must Change urges Saraki
 -Says misguided outbursts on Ile Arugbo, makes amicable settlement difficult

A leading pro democracy group in Kwara State, Kwara Must Change has expressed doubt in the possibility of any amicable settlement in the Ile Arugbo debacle between the Kwara State government and the Saraki family. 

The group also said that it would be difficult to find any none legal solution on the matter because of the unfortunate outburst of a former Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki and the subsequent controversies it generated, including the statement of Minister of State for Transport, Senator Gbemisola Saraki which claimed that the family is being witchhunted.

In a statement by Kwara Must Change state coordinator, Comrade Yusuf Olatunji, the group said that the move by a legal representative to the Saraki family, exploring out of court settlement is a welcome development, but it doubts if such move is not coming late and at the wrong time.

Recall that Kwara Must Change had in a statement queried why Dr Bukola Saraki took a confrontational approach in his first reaction to the Ile Arugbo matter, instigating crisis and claiming to be victimised, when he has not even explored means of amicable resolution. 

Yusuf maintained that, "That misguided outburst, which should be the last resort, came first and practically made any amicable settlement impossible.

The group wondered why the Saraki family didn't explore this amicable settlement option first before creating an impression of we versus them, then turning around to seek settlement after making the government look bad, when it is simply doing what it thinks is right and best for the state.

Yusuf concluded that, as they hope for a positive outcome in the proposed resolution, he advised Dr Bukola Saraki and other members of the Saraki dynasty to learn decorum  in public utterances, saying that as leaders, much is expected from them.

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