The formal president of Nigeria was invited to ASO ROCK today, 80% of their discussion is all about the security of the Nation. Nigerians and this present government should apologize to Goodluck Jonathan. He is the best thing that has ever happened to this Nation. He is a man of peace and a lover of this Nation. 

God bless you Goodluck Jonathan. You are truly the father of modern democracy.

While Tranparency international rate “Nigeria’s low index in 2012, a proof that Jonathan is not serious about fighting corruption, Lai Muhammed said in 2012"

On the other way round, Transparency international rate Federal Government low in their index this year and Lai Muhammed said, Federal Government will not be distracted by the “baseless” rating of the Transparency International ".
Meanwhile nigerians has reacted to the security challenges of the nation and ask  If President Buhari is truely serious in fighting insecurity in NIGERIA, let him drop his position as Minister of Petroleum , and take over as the  Minister of Defence with immediate effect. 
He is a soldier , and now the President. Let him lead from the front as he said. 
We are shedding a lot of human blood in Nigeria and playing too much politics with it.

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