The Federal Government has said their attention would not be diverted by the rating of the Transparency International, which unmitigated Nigeria in its latest international Corruption Perception index.

The federal government also said it was not fighting corruption to creat impression to organisation including Transparency International.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, gave the government position on Wednesday in London when he featured on respective interview session with some international media organisations.

Reacting to the TI rating, the minister said that the position by the organisation that Nigeria is doing worse in fighting corruption is not correct and the government is not happy about the development.

“In any occurrence, we are not fighting corruption because we want to create impression for any organisation.

“We are fighting corruption because we believed that without fighting the perceived threat the much-sought development will not happen and the result is there to show for us

“We have put in place policies and legislations that have tamed the monster called corruption.

“For instance, apart from the TSA, which has saved us billions of Naira, we put in place transparency portal which enables every Nigerians to see how much is being spent by the government every day.

“Under the transparency portal regulation, any expenditure above N5 billion must be reported and that gives every Nigerian the opportunity to know exactly what is going on.

“We will continue to fight corruption and we know that we are winning the war,” he said.

The minister stressed that for the first time in the history of the country, high profile people have been convicted of corruption charges.

“For those who say that the anti-corruption fight is selective, how do you say that when serving Senators and past governors who were members of the ruling party are now serving jail terms,’” he said

In the latest TI rating, Nigeria was ranked 146 out of the 180 countries that were surveyed worldwide.

By the rating, Nigeria slipped from 144th to 146th position in the corruption perception index, falling by 26 points, a minus of one when compared to its score in 2018.


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