In 2011, when Saraki was the Senate Chairman on Committee for Environment and Ecology, he singlehandedly moved a motion on the floor of NASS calling for investigation into how N240b budgeted for fuel subsidy for the whole of 2011 skyrocketed to N1.2trillion within 10 months. 
That was how the biggest scam in the downstream sector was exposed. Nigerians all over celebrated the revelation of the fuel subsidy scam. 

Saraki became a Hero that many Nigerians celebrated, we cheered and loved him. That was the beginning of his misunderstanding with GEJ. He was not an armed robber then. He was not a corrupt man then. From Maiduguri to Lagos, Sokoto to Rivers, Saraki was the best that democracy produced. The Federal House of Representatives set up an Ad-hoc committee on Oil Subsidy probe which invited the then Ministers of Finance and Petroleum to give account of how subsidy payment was made to marketers. This was the beginning of Dr Saraki's many woes, the Oil thieves and cartels went after him.

Consequently, he became a regular visitor to EFCC. Saraki is paying heavily today for standing up against criminal elements that are milking this country. Saraki is being persecuted and prosecuted for his resolve to fight evil. Yes, it is actually evil fighting back but whom God has blessed, none can curse. 

The same fuel subsidy scam resurfaced under "Mr Intergrity" and on a larger scale. 
Buhari as the Petroleum Minister doesn't want anyone poke nosing into his affairs. 
Saraki raised alarm again and this time, they tagged him the enemy of "Mr Integrity" led Government. To Buhari, Saraki must be crushed but he has refused to be crushed. Nigerians should know that Saraki is being crucified for his services to the nation. 
He is our only voice now, we must not let Buhari rubbish and then kill us all.

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