The Lagos State Government has not taken a definite action on the operations of commercial motorcycles (Okada) and tricycles, popularly known as Keke Marwa on some routes across the State. 

Contrary to the news in circulation on the list of restricted areas, especially on the social media, purporting that the government has banned Okada and Keke Marwa on some routes, the government declared that no such action has been taken, adding that the list is false and unofficial. It should be disregarded.

I have two functional private cars in Lagos & yet sometimes events & situation  compel me to use KEKE . So its not about having your own private car. Highly populated Cities in India & Indonesia use these tricycles but are trained and directed to be driving these tricycles in a certain way inside  the cities. They virtually have a particular side of the ( lane)on the road  they must ply  at all times and move in a convoy kind of way so as not to cause traffic or be unruly on the road.  
The city of Lagos is a  city that is  heavily populated that  require this kind of transport for commuters to quickly move from one place to another.  You can make a law that no passenger seats in front with the driver and must not be more than three at the back. An outright ban is senseless, unthinking and a very bad judgement. 
Lagos State government must stop playing politics with Lagosians . You ban , and you unban during election period as a party or government to win votes. That's not right at all. 
Please unban KEKE in Lagos State so as not to suffer the people , and regulate them on discipline on the road , how many passengers at a time and the lane they must adhere to. Government is for the betterment of the people and not to suffer them. We are already having insecurity in Lagos and in the country and this ban on Okada & KEKE will make things worse. Families will suffer hunger , want , transport problems, and more insecurity  etc. UNBAN TRICYCLE IN LAGOS STATE PLEASE.

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