We learned that IBEDC offa service hub commercial and technical staff will be out in mass for mass cash drive and disconnection exercise this morning within Ibolo land before NERC directive of N1, 800 for unmetered building will be circulated to everyone in Ibolo land.

Everyone should mobilise and resist the arbitrary action and circulate this information as from now because a meeting was held in respect of it yesterday evening at ibedc office.

Let's sensitise our people in Ibolo land.

Mass chase out should be enforce with any ibedc staff decided to go in contrary to Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission directives.

Let us share this information
[2/26, 8:06 AM] +234 701 831 6073: Nobody should allow ibedc to seized or take away his/her wire during the disconnections exercise, what the law says that customer wire can only be isolated from their network. The only situation where customer wire can be seized are customer that did illegal connection or not disco (ibedc) customer using their network may be he/she failed to register with them.

If Ibedc disconnected you and Carter away your wire in your absence, you have the right to arrest such marketer or technical personnel with law enforcement agency and you may sue the marketer.

We customer too don't have any right to connect any disconnected isolated wire on Ibedc network until we settle our bill or pay part of it since we have channel for dialogue on estimated billing.

Let us spread this information to everyone in Ibolo land

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