As sighted in a viral video where Nigerian Minister of information, Lai Mohammed, was taped during an interview denying hate speech and anti-internet bill has bagged heavy backlash for him from Nigerians.

The minister commonly recognized with his blatant lies has shamelessly spilled out fresh lies live on a foreign channel insisted that he is unaware of the bill, and there is no such bill in the house.

Reactions From Twitter Users;

@Ayanfeofgod: If the devil is the father of lies, Lai Mohammed is the first son. 

If the devil is the author of lies, Lai Mohammed is the publisher. 

When Lai Mohammed lies, he’s only speaking his native language. 

@Williamukpe; The reason Lai Mohammed denied that bill.

It is because they know the Bill is a shameless bill made for shameless men whit fragile egos.

They can threaten Nigerians with that bill.

But abroad air beings clarity, so baba deny am.

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