Did you know that when Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was the Military Head of State, he appointed Buhari as the Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources? 
Did you also know that late Dr Olusola Saraki, Dr Bukky's father was the Senate leader in 1979?
Did you know that during this time, the late Dr Olusola Saraki notified the National Assembly of a missing $2.8m belonging to NNPC.
The Senate launched an investigation and it was found in a Swiss bank under the name of Buhari's ally.
The money was eventually repatriated to Nigeria.

Did you know that Dr Bukola Saraki, the son of Oloye exposed a massive fraud of 9trillion naira within the oil sector?
Saint Buhari was and still is the Petroleum Minister.
In his report, Dr Saraki alleged that Nigeria was importing 30million litres of Fuel each day under GEJ, but all of  a sudden Saint Buhari increased it by 20million.
When confronted, Buhari claimed that Nigerians were consuming 50 million litres of fuel per day
Can you beat that?

Remember  that the 8th Assembly under the leadership of Dr Bukky passed a bill known as Petroleum Industry Governance Bill (PIGB), the bill was  designed to block the leakages in that sector and make it operations transparent, but the man of integrity refused to sign it into law till this moment.

Nigerians should know that Saraki's continual presence in the Senate  was a huge setback for oil thieves.
They did everything illegally possible to remove him to no avail untill they  staged a coup in his home town in the name of election.
There was no election in Kwara State but a coup to unblock their way into the nation's oil purse.
Now, you know why they are fighting, Saraki!
Now you know the real thief. 
Very soon, the lead shall be blown open.

The Saraki dynasty has always been a threat to Buhari.
Omo Baba Oloye is a rising tiger.
Support Dr Bukola Saraki to grow Nigeria!!!

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