ACD: Advanced Congress Of Democrats

ACPN: Allied Congress Party Of Nigeria

AD: Alliance For Democracy

AGA: All Grassroots Alliance

AGAP: All Grand Alliance Party

ANDP: Advanced Nigeria Democratic Party

ANN: Alliance For New Nigeria

ANP: Alliance National Party

ANRP: Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party

APA: African People Alliance

APDA: Advanced People’s Democratic Alliance

APN: Alternative Party Of Nigeria

ASD: Alliance Of Social Democrats

AUN: Alliance For A United Nigeria

BNPP: Better Nigeria Progressive Party

CAP: Change Advocacy Party

DPC: Democratic People’s Congress

DPP: Democratic People’s Party

FDP: Fresh Democratic Party

FJP: Freedom And Justice Party

GDPN: Grassroots Development Party Of Nigeria

GPN: Green Party Of Nigeria

Hdp: Hope Democratic Party

Jmpp: Justice Must Prevail Party

Kp: Kowa Party

Lpn: Legacy Party Of Nigeria

Maja: Mass Action Joint Alliance

Mdp: Modern Democratic Party

Mmn: Masses Movement Of Nigeria

Mpn: Mega Party Of Nigeria

Mrdd: Movement For The Restoration And Defence Of Democracy

Nac: National Action Council

Ncmp: Nigeria Community Movement Party

Ncp: National Conscience Party

Ndcp: Nigeria Democratic Congress Party

Ndlp: National Democratic Liberty Party

Nepp: Nigeria Elements Progressive Party

Nfd: Nigeria For Democracy

Ngp: New Generation Party Of Nigeria

Nip: National Interest Party

Npc: Nigeria People’s Congress

Npm: New Progressive Movement

Pdc: People For Democratic Change

Pdm: People’s Democratic Movement

Ppa: Progressive People’s Alliance

Ppc: Providence People’s Congress

Ppn: People’s Party Of Nigeria

Ppp: People’s Progressive Party

Pt: People’s Trust

Rap: Reform And Advancement Party

Rbnp: Re-Build Nigeria Party

Rp: Restoration Party Of Nigeria

Snc: Save Nigeria Congress

Spn: Socialist Party Of Nigeria

Udp: United Democratic Party

Upc: United People’s Congress

Upn: Unity Party Of Nigeria

Upp: United Progressive Party

Wtpn: We The People Nigeria

Ydp: Young Democratic Party

Yes: Electorates Solidarity

YP: Youth Party

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