Meche Oswald said He did not know what others see in the Life of Dr Bukola Saraki. He said He did not  know why others love you, but He see a modern day David who slew a mighty Goliath in you.

Throughout the periods of the sustained vicious propaganda, slander,  ferocious insults, downright dehumanizing hates and facts lacking accusations against you, you stood tall, undistracted and not lost your cool. 

You are not easily rattled. You are a man not distracted by circumstances, you think before speaking.
You are the leadership brand that would be leaders are looking for.

No sun outlasts its sunset, it will surely rise again and bring the dawn.
Yes, your day as the Senate President was done. 
However, another day is coming. The Saraki day is coming and your light will not be dimmed nor obstructed.
A day is coming that Nigerians will be glad that Saraki lives among them!

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