Within 48hours, the Kwara State governor, Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq could rotate from Kwara Central (Ilorin), to Kwara North (Edu) and then to Kwara South (Irepodun).

Considering the distance between the 3 senatorial districts and the state of the road especially in Kwara North, this could only mean one thing, the governor works within 48hours without sleeping.

In ilorin, he maybe seen launching free book project to all students in government schools in Kwara State to enhance education, in Edu, inspecting road construction and resuscitation of Bacita sugar factory, then in Kwara South, whether in Irepodun or Ifelodun, he maybe visiting Owu waterfall for assessment of the tourist attraction or  even the observing the ongoing road construction to Esie Museum.

If you ask me, this governor doesn't look like someone who isn't charged or who doesn't have a plan. In the contrary, only a mission, backed with action plan, plus strong commitment and determination to succeed could be a motivating factor for such restless work ethics by the number one man in Kwara. 

In fact, i could say that, he is even working like an angel or to say the least, a super man.

It is true that there maybe many issues needing government attention, or in which government is required to take more bolder actions, but it doesn't seems like they were left undone intentionally. 

It is therefore important for all to continue to do their part by bringing attention to those issues and be open minded when engaging them, so as to disagree to agree.

 *Commentary by Kwara Must Change*

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