I have been following the criticism of Kwara's budget for 2020 and here's my one kobo input.

Firstly, a government, which puts out its budget, could only do so for only one reason. 

To attract scrutiny and get critical reviews from the public.

So, when such scrutiny and critical reviews, whether for good or otherwise are coming in, i think it is only serving the purpose government intended.

So, what is currently happening is a win win situation.

Ofcourse, since this is a democracy, where freedom of expression is highly encouraged and where opposition politicking is a part and parcel of the whole process, the scrutiny of government activities maybe positive or negative, objective or subjective, balanced or sentimental, critical or shallow and sometimes, it could even be unnecessarily patronizing or outrightly nonsensical.

Whatever it is, it is serving the primary purpose as intended by those who put it out in public domain. It is still a win win situation. 

If there's any genuine observation made, it should be noted and factored in, in the next budget. 

The good thing is that, there's usually a baseline of assessment.

A baseline assessment would provide a measure, to determine whether or not, the current budget is an improvement of the past one's. It would also tell us, to a great extent, what percentage of improvement or otherwise is recorded.

So, i will encourage anyone really interested in the budget discussion to atleast, give us a balanced report through baseline assessment, by showing us what was obtainable in the past budget, in comparison to the present one. That's how growth is measured in civilised society. 

Beyond the need for baseline assessments, I have read the back and forth engagement over the budget and so far, i have not really seen any serious issue raised. 

At most, what we have seen so far could only be qualified as mundane criticism, which the government and critics have been going back and forth on, leading to some unnecessary personal accusations. 

I think there's need to shift away from such approach. It is doing nobody any good.

Public issues shouldn't be personalised. We can all make our points without aiming to reduce our personal dignity. 

Good morning 
 *Abdulrazaq Hamzat*

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