I want to beg you in the name of Jesus, please don't listen to the empty boasts of our Nigeria leaders. Our leaders don't know what the are saying. How can they say they are ready and prepared for you? 
Abeg Sir, na lie, na slip of tongue. Just yesterday they said they have voted N680m to prepare for you, just imagine!! How much is that? 
Sir, Look at how your Younger brother, Lassa Fever, is dealing with our people, your brother is already in 28 states of Nigeria unstoppable talk less of you.
Dear CORONA VIRUS, your birth place, China, with all her sophistications couldn't withstand your anger.
*China is overwhelmed, 
*WHO is overwhelmed,
*Advanced countries are scared,
*Nigeria is boasting.
(Snails do not attend a meeting of Animals with horns). 
Please in the name of Jesus, don't come here, we can't handle you, we don't have the money, we don't have any hospital, no Power, we don't even have hand gloves and nose masks, our Doctors are afraid of you.
Our Government is joking o

Thank you sir, 
God bless you.

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