Its really silly for the two  heads of NASS and others to keep piling pressure for President Buhari to change his service chiefs. 

It appears they don't know him very well . President Muhammadu Buhari is a man that loves loyalty.  And he is getting it 100%. 
He is a man who don't like strange people occupying his space and people he does not know. 
That informs why almost all his service chiefs are from his ethnic group and people he knows personally and why he surrounded himself with his cousins , uncles ,nieces,   nephews ,in-laws, friends , etc in Aso rock. 
President Muhammadu Buhari is a man who prefer the  friendship he gets from you and not really your competency level and that is exactly what he took to governance.  

That is why he never replaced , sacked any of his ministers except the ones that fell out of  line.

And that is why he is not going to change these service chiefs to bring new people he does not know or relate with. 

These particular service chiefs are 100% loyal to him and does his biddings 100%. 

So anybody that keep insisting that the service chiefs be changed must first of all try to know who the  President is, and read his mind.

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