Osun State was the 1st to Separate Their LOCAL GOVERNMENT SERVICE COMMISSION By Constructing Dia Own Ultra Modern Local Government Service Commission Secretariat Complex Separately.
Now,u can Go through the Local Government Autonomy Bill.Its clearly stated there and its the Only thing the bill Requested the State Government to do and is All about Local Government Service Commission that will see to all affairs of the Local Government in the State!
Oyo State Local Government Service Commission is a Tenant At Oyo State Water cooperation Complex for years now...such an Important Commission a tenant in one small office! And no Administration See into that! The New Oyo State Ultra Modern Secretariat Complex For Local Government Service  Commission...The project is a collective effort of All local Government in the state,soon other states who are yet to do this will follow suit! It was the Commission that presented their proposal to the Governor. After much inspection of where they are using now at Water cooperation complex the Governor approved the project.....
 No amount of Lies up and down,Propaganda etc Can stop the project as the Secretariat Complex is not his personal property! And the money to be paid by each local Government for the project is not going to his personal account.There is Transparency on the part of the Commission in that Proposal to open a separate Account in the name of the Project.
The Project on Completion,it will be A plus to Gov Seyi Makinde led Administration.

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