My common people of NIGERIA our problems in this country is what we can solve for ourselves  .I don't care about those who hate me for no Reason but I Will continue to give out my words out to those Common citizens of NIGERIA like me who will make uses of my words COMMON Nigerians  it's Time to understand what we can do to help Government to help us, our populations are increasingly broaden every day but we never sit down an think that foods and medicines are very important in our lives  importations of foods can't help us in this country we must continue to run farms as a personal identified company I experienced this in UK after 35yrs over there if  a registered farmers  are under the list of famers then our senators will busy at work in Support of Goverment to spend money for those who are doing farming in reality  farmers can support any party of their choice in votes but not to abandon their farms an become a plitician. No Goverment will distribute money and encourage laziness. Our most problems now is Electricity And I believe Our honest PMB will take all the necessary steps to get it done as soon as possible. Let us  face the reality Federal  Government must reduce all the unnecessary appointements let every sectors be controlled by general managements  we are lossing our Talented youths to crime practices in foreign countries   please FG increase our security protections, common citizens must free to go their farms at anytime  without  Terrorists  Abductions on their respective  farmlands Its I'mportant to control cattles grassings, it's frustrating the efforts of our  farmers generally,  if care is not taken about cattles grassings it will instigate  civil war ( Boko haram  let every state join together to fight Boko Haram because Boko Haram will spread all over NIGERIA we should stop looking at Bokko Haram as Nothern NIGERIA'NS problems only,  it's enough of Terrorists combination with politics in our country,they are human beings like us please God bless NIGERIA and bless our honest PMB Amen

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