They started trickling into the various neighborhoods of Remo, Ogun State innocuously since 2017. People were happy because they provided cheap labour as farm hands, wood hewers, junk collectors and shoemakers. Little did they know they were an advance party of an occupationist-movement.

For instance, they also began to scavenge for scraps in your backyard, refuse dumps, inside the forests and even shrines. Yes, they know every inch of pathways, detours and short cuts around.

Everyday produce and cattle  trucks from the North discharge their Goods at Ode/Ipara, Ogere and Sagamu Interchange on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

Curiously hundreds of northerners disembark at these dropoff points, and within minutes, they disappear and embeds themselves.
If anyone goes to Sagamu, Ogere, ILISAN, these abokis have taken over some areas, while the people there are fast asleep.

While these new settlers are awake playing music, communing and entrenching themselves, the Local People remain sleeping.

All over IJEBU Remo, the abokis are festering and becoming emboldened by our lack of awareness and alertness.

Nobody wants to tackle them because the security apparatus around Ogun state are now Fulani run. Even if they are apprehended for crimes committed, they are released within hours.

In all this, I decided to go closer by forming a bond with a particular Musa, I got to know first hand the reason for the influx: I found out it is not economic reasons alone.

Everyone of these people are here for a more specific serious purpose: These people were sent and ordered to relocate as invaders.

They all have mobile phones and radio, and they hold solidarity meetings everyday, they are taught defensive and offensive manoeuvres.

Amongst them are a tiny percentage of genuine economic migrants, but they too are inside the network ordered to relocate and dominate.

The epicenters of the clandestine plots are the cattle markets from Ode Remo to Ibadan, and aboki settlement around.

From Lagos to Ogijo, Sagamu, Ilisan Iperu, Ikenne, Isara-Ago Iwoye road, there are command centres putting them in check, and giving them new information from the North, still Remo people are asleep.

Analysing the movements and incidents, a certain prominent man in Iguomon, Edo State called for the services of these cutlass wielding farm hands or farm-workers, when they arrived fully-armed, he became uncomfortable.* So, he asked them to disarm, but they refused, so he decided to disarm them. There and then he was matcheted in front of his own house in his village.

There was pandemonium, and the man's eldest son mobilised the youths for action. Within minutes, the whole almajiris vacated Iguomon on spotting the angry youths.

Sadly though, ten days later, the foreigners were all back again in the settlement, bolder and more determined.

What happened? Oh simple, the body of the eldest son who led the uprising was found in the river a week after the uprising, and his four cars were burnt, his father's house ransacked.

There's palpable fear in Iguomon, along Benin Agbor express way, before the bypass.

ILISAN Remo had a close call a couple of weeks ago: Four abokis were killed by an irate mob over an alleged okada snatching and robbery. It took the timely intervention of security forces and community leaders to prevent an imminent mayhem. The community is now overwhelmed by the burgeoning aboki population.

This is how it is in other communities in Remo land

If anyone thinks he or she will see a situation where Northerners will be  scurrying back to the North because of one thing or the other again, then that person is a joke. As a matter of fact, the Benue /Plateau situation will play out soon all over the South, and the original local people will soon be the refugees after been displaced from their land by the Abokis.

So, keep slumbering, keep thinking all is well, keep advocating peace and unity, keep fighting amongst yourselves.

While you're at it, they are strategizing on how  to dominate the Southerners perpetually, that is, if they have not already dominated.

Please, circulate for a wider awareness.

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