When xenophobic attacks raged in South Africa, I begged General Buhari to send a plane to evacuate Nigerian citizens He refused. 
The same week, Pastor Yemi Osinbajo went for Mugabe’s funeral in Zimbabwe, which shares a border with South Africa, yet, he could not stop by and help pick stranded Nigerians. 
It took private individuals, Onyeama of Air Peace, and Apostle Johnson Suleman, to come to the aid of Nigerians. 
Nigerians in China were abandoned, when every right thinking nation evacuated their citizens. These Nigerians are part of the diaspora that remit $24 billion back home each year. 
Yet, their administration sent a plane to Niger to pick up repentant Boko Haramists and their wives for a triumphant entry into Maiduguri, to rehabilitate those murderers, at tax payers expense. 
Does Buhari have a hidden agenda? 

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