My people of YORUBALANDS let us be faithful to ourselves and our lands  please my people let us  maintain maximum Securities to protect Ourselves on OUr Lands this is not the time to pull any troubles with Our honest PMB or HERDSMEN let us secure our boundaries with all our powers  ((PMB in? 2023 is just round the corner)) we must provide effective equipments to support AMOTEKUN, Am  sure any Yorubas join  Herdsmen because of money or wealths will perish soon  we need  to warn some of  our Yoruba Youths not to betray  YORUBALANDS this is Reality of Life let all YORUBA  use all what we have to support AMOTEKUN and get ourselves ready for 2023 Elections Our 2023 Elections is not going to base on the  PARTIES  it will only base on candidate that we trust Iam sure YORUBAS will never go to any part of NOTHERN NIGERIA' to  attack them but if any Herdsmen or Northerners attack us or destroy our farmers products on YORUBALANDS let them be sincked with their cattles  we don't need to disturb Our honest PMB for the sake of HERDSMEN  PMB will Never support Herdsmen to destroy us and we YORUBAS must ready to deffend ourselves AGAINST HERDSMEN this is  sillence war,  let us face it both at home and abroad  (( OUR HONEST PMB PLEASE USE YOUR GOOD OFFICE TO CONTROL FULANIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IF FULANIS HERDSMEN CONTINUE lIKE THIS THE WILL PUSH YOU OUT OF GOVERNMENT BEFORE 2023, FULANIS HERDSMEN ARE READY TO DESTROY ALL YOUR GOOD WORKS IF YOU FAIL TO STOP THEM.))  ( Also A TURKISH man mentioned you concerning the support of Boko HARAM and HERDSMEN on internet interview) I dont think it will be true   OUR HONEST PMB please defend yourself publicly to let the whole NIGERIA understand if it's political strategies against you, As a true leader you need to speak to NIGERIA'NS in an open conference, about the Allegations of Terrorists sponsorship and let the ground clear God bless NIGERIA and bless our honest PMB Amen

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