Gentlemen of the press, it has become imperative to address you against the background of an earlier press conference delivered by a group who referred to themselves as aggrieved members of the State Exco of APC, Kwara State chapter.

I will need to restate that there is only one body of State Executive members and Hon Bashir Omolaja Bolarinwa remains its undisputed Chairman.

Any other so-called aggrieved group are made of fantasizers who are trying to gain relevance through mischief and party destruct agenda.

There is no doubt that even amongst you gentlemen of the fourth estate of the realm you are aware about the genesis of our party's challenges.

At the onset, we set out like patriots to act as the bulwark of our people in the face of the repressive politics and style of the past administrations.

Our focus and mission was very clear, to depart from the inglorious politics of "chop I chop" at the detriment of the people we pledge to serve.

The process for constituting our Exco at that time was short, abrupt and chaotic. No gainsaying that with the human element at play, we would infuse into our midst, albeit inadvertently, men and women who do not share the same principles with us.

Their immediate past and antecedents is not hazy and not in doubt. They are known and have become unrepentant political jobbers whose stock in trade is to orchestrate crisis with the aim of benefiting from the ugly consequences. It has become very obvious that they are not willing to shed their ugly garb even now that the circumstance of the emergence of the APC at the helm in Kwara State call for us to be more circumspect and remorseful.

As a party, led by Hon. Bashir Omolaja Bolarinwa, we will remain focused on the task of party building and strengthening based on the principle of cohesiveness and oneness.

Any other agenda by the agents of divisive politics and their sponsors are abhorred by genuine stakeholders in the Kwara project.

Any allusion to Hon. Bolarinwa's leadership not being accountable, transparent and fair is a disservice and a diversion from the main antics of the so called aggrieved group. For the avoidance of doubt, as members of the same Exco with Hon. Bashir Bolarinwa as Chairman, he carries everybody along, consulting, seeking divergent opinions and ensuring consensus in a manner that is satisfactory to all. The hues and cries from these aggrieved and indeed disgruntled elements within our fold is a result of them not being able to have the Chairman buy into their politics of “money for hand, back for ground” A few posers will suffice for the Aggrieved Exco Members and we are sure that your discerning minds, gentlemen of the press, will help you to sieve the issues and arrive at very profound and intelligent conclusions. 

After almost a near warlike lobby for inclusion into the state Exco, at what point did they become aggrieved?
What are the real issues that turned them to be aggrieved members other than for the selfish interest and prodding of their sponsors.

It is very clear and open that they are doing all they are doing for money and for political patronage? On the issue of accountability, it beats one as to what claims they have to seek accountability.

Hon. Bolarinwa cannot be more transparent than he has proven. The system of financial operations of the Party requires not less than 3 party officials to sign cheques.

How will Mustapha Ishowo (aggrieved secretary) claim ignorance of how the party monies, especially donations from aspirants was spent as one of the signatories? 

In addition to being a signatory, he (Ishowo) is the only receiver of the account transaction notifications.

A man of honour does not turn his back or deny a decision of which he was not only part of but also benefited immensely from.

It is well known to all party men that the party conducted primaries which was fully sponsored by the State Chapter of the APC. No money was received from the national headquarters of the party for the purpose. 

Rather than vilify him, we should in fact applaud the efforts and the pro activeness of the state leadership under Hon. Bashir Bolarinwa that primaries of Kwara did not end up like that of Zamfara state. 

If we had allowed such a scenario, where would the aggrieved group today be getting patronage? 

Can they substantiate their allegation of financial misappropriation, recklessness and lack of fiscal discipline? 

All the Party record of financial transaction are in the statement of accounts to which Mustapha Ishowo is privy.
They should come up with verifiable evidence and prove if there was a diversion of any party money that went to private accounts.

They are only desperate to distort the facts to gain sympathy when they discovered that all their shenanigans have been exposed and they can no longer hide under one deceitful finger.

It is stated clearly that the party's account will be audited annually by the State Auditor with the External Auditor to be appointed by the State Working Committee.

Rather than abide by the party constitution, our own aggrieved State Auditor (Oladokun) has been doing the hatchet job of his paymasters for sweet lucre. This is a man without any iota of honour. The same man who was dismissed with ignominy as PTA Chairman of FGGC, Omu–Aran for financial impropriety.

Is the Chairman frustrating the audit process? or caging their already biased approach to auditing?

Gentlemen of the press, for your information and indeed for that of all our curious party men and women, all the records of the party's financial transactions are in order and intact. 
Let them and their financiers adopt another strategy and they will fail like all others before have crumbled. Gentlemen of the press, if the antics of these aggrieved members were not mischievous and self seeking they should be asked if they ever took advantage of any central working committee meeting or the enlarged executive committee to raise these issues? The answer is NO. 

They would rather be mute at meetings, nod agreements and go back to plot their mischief as all progressive discussions at such meetings were not in line with their own agenda of party destruct for sweet lucre.  

If the State Chairman, could reject valuable gifts and gratification from aspirants, which were offered in the dead of night and surreptitiously too, how then will he misappropriate party money that has records and open to scrutiny? It takes a serious mind to understand these issues.

Are the aggrieved truly worried about a befitting office accommodation for the party? All the aggrieved participated in the party secretariat handing over ceremony donated by a respected party leader, Alhaji Yakubu Gobir. 

Indeed Alhaji Samari Abubakar, the aggrieved Deputy Chairman was the chairman of the committee for the handing over ceremony and a few of his aggrieved co-travelers served on that committee. So much for their claims of autocracy and running the party alone.

If they are sincere about their request for accounts of the donations after more than a year then the Secretary who is their ring leader and receives bank alert should provide it, unless there is substantiated evidence that the Chairman directly collected any of the donations. 

These people have no principle nor integrity but what determines where they pitch their tent is where their bread is best buttered. Their political past is replete of such examples.

Their shenanigan is further exposed when it is realized that none of them has ever raised any of these issues in any of the Exco meetings they attended with the mainstream.

Rather, their sponsor is funding despicable characters to distort facts and peddle all sorts of lies on social media, using the aggrieved Party Publicity Secretary, who had abdicated his role and has a carte blanche to run down the party for a "plate of porridge"

No genuine party member will frown at the present visitation exercise being embarked on by the state exco.

Why should visitation aimed at strengthening the party be a problem to them? Instead, they attack us and attempt to cause us bodily harm.

Their reference to a cabal within the party led by Alh. Lai Mohammed, Hon. Minister for Information and Culture is petty, childish and laughable. They are afraid of their own shadows and in going down, they are willing to pull any strand with them. The APC will outline many of them. If the memories of these aggrieved people is short, we cannot be accused of same. The struggle to win election was fierce and challenging. 

During this period of ‘iponju’ (tribulation), it was only Alhaji Lai Mohammed that we saw… he sponsored sensitization programmes, provided logistics and other such supports requested from him.  He stood by us and together we navigated the rough roads to victory. This is not news to our traducers, they only choose the path of mischief.
At this juncture, we need to reiterate that contrary to the norm, there is a gaping disconnect between the Governor and the party and between the Governor and revered party elders. There is no crisis within the party. 

This scenario has been in place since after the party primaries, during and indeed after the elections. Severally, party elders had tried to wade into the mater by meeting with the State Party Chairman, the Hon. Minister of Information and the Governor himself. However, a follow up meeting with the Governor to resolve the areas of differences has not been possible because the Governor has refused to grant audience to the elders. 

Suffice to say that while we blame the aggrieved Exco members for taking the party for granted, it is however a case of the proverbial ‘hand of Esau and the voice of Jacob’. All indications point to the Governor being behind the rebellion of these group. It is a well-known fact that all hands were on deck during the election under the aegis of one APC, it was after victory had been won, that splinter groups with a recurring “AA” acronym began to spring up. The promoters of these groups have acted in ways inimical to the constitution of the party. Their activities presupposes a parallel structure to the party structure and they have bandied the name of the Governor as giving approval to their activities. Not once has the Governor or his representatives come out to denounce them, rather they are financed from Government House. The turn coat Publicity secretary has revealed that much in his garrulous radio programmes.
Ladies and gentlemen, the soul of our party is been threatened by political marauders. We call on all genuine party members to join us in the tortuous task of saving our party from leeches and serial Jobbers.

Before we know it elections will stare us in the face, we must be ready to account for the mandate that was given to us in agony and bloodshed by kwarans.

Our actions are guided by this realisation. 

The other group and their sponsors care less and would rather take that mandate for granted.

That is our fundamental difference.

Those who care about the people and those who are concerned about their palate.

Thank you for your patience and attention.


Chief T.A.S  Oyebiyi 
Kwara APC Vice Chairman (North)
For: Kwara APC Exco members

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