What should we call an anti-graft agency that was saddled with the responsibility of curbing corruption in the country but aiding the corruption? 

EFCC, no doubt, has been another yet to be registered Political Party in the country or better still, a shadow member of the ruling party(APC). In abetting the corrupt practice of APC, our anti-graft agency had shown unflinching support for the Lion of the Burdillion, the pictured bullion van is not enough to prosecute him, he's one of them, he hasn't violated any rules of the EFCC, they own the ruling party together. But Saraki should be prosecuted, hanged and if he failed to join the party, killed for mere suspicion. 

There is need to know where he got the money used to build his GRA Ilorin house, EFCC doesn't have the papers shreds of evidence and they don't need it just like they have the pictorial evidence of one of their members.

Saraki has been vindicated, the guile act by the anti-graft agency is just another evidence of how rotten our system is in Nigeria. Here we don't want a loyal man, we want someone that would not make a step to rewrite the wrong and Saraki is not the type.

He's a maverick brand that all Nigerian Politicians wish to align with, he is the mover and shaker even outside of power. They know this better than their vuvuzelas and they must have him either by hook or by nail.

The same case made by the Code of Conduct Tribunal, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court between September 22, 2015, to July 6, 2018, has again been brought to life by the EFCC – a case that has earlier made it way to the apex court of law in the land was manipulated by to the court to settle political scores. 

It is however sad that our anti-graft agency allowed themselves to be used as a political weapon, shame on our faces irrespective of our political affiliation.

It is a belief, a very strong one, that Saraki like always would conquer this, mark himself safe of all shadow allegations levelled against him by the Political Economic Financial Crime Commission. 

This time is not for us to sober, but the right time to see the wonder of God in Saraki's life outside power, if really you appreciate patriotism, you will see Saraki is one. A revered fellow who peddled the ship of our affairs – both in the state and federal well during his time. The lies against him are now coming to the knowing, haters are now seeking for forgiveness but we keep telling God is enough for us and He only can forgive us of our sins.

Unarguably, Saraki is coming back bigger, better and stronger with the fear of all falsehoods fashioned against him.

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