Newly installed Administrator of Imo State Mr HOPE Uzodinma has just quickly install and certificate issued to his newly created Emirates in IMO.
Emir of Owerri,Emir of Mbaise,Emir of Orlu,Emir of Okigwe etc .
In addition,Mr Hope uzodinma has purchased large acre of land for RUGA settlement at Nguru Nkwor Ogwu for Mbaise central mosque, Amaifeke for Orlu central mosque,Etiti for Okigwe central mosque,Ama-Awusa for Owerri central mosque.
Okigwe for Okigwe central mosque,mgbidi for mgbidi central mosque.
Mr Hope is quickly implimenting a treacherous signed agreement and agenda between him and his Fulani handlers and masters in Abuja to build at least 6 big standard mosques in each senatorial zone × three senatorial zones making it a minimum of 18 mosques in IMO for upcoming Newly or forcely converted Alhaji,mallam chinedus,chikas,Emekas etc.
IMO state Islamic board has been inaugurated to encourage new and old converts to go to Hajji at Mecca fully funded by IMO state government.
I hope Mbaka and other collaborated sell outs and sycophants are happy that the gate of hell they helped open and installed are implimenting anti Christ agenda.
Because of politics, inordinate quest for Power, authority,money , rewards, awards , influence, popularity
Clergies, politicians, leaders have sold our people for a peanuts and pound of yam.
Our birthrights traded on the alter of compromise and sacrifices.
When Christians and churches are been killed and burnt down in northern Nigeria, highly compromise HOPE Uzodinma and his supporters have inordinate penchant to expand Islamic movement and colonialism right here in Christian dominated IMO State and south East just to be help consolidate on his fraudulent Ascension to power through back door.
Hope Uzodinma was installed as administrator to implement what Ihedioha refused to do as an uncompromise Christian.
Time to weep for southeast, IGBOS and IMO State because our politicians have turned the state to a laughing stock world wide

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