Education in Kwara State is receiving the best form of attention never witnessed in the time past.The policies, programs and interventionist approach by HE Abdulrasaq Abdulrahman, the Executive Governor of Kwara State is fantastic and commendable. Education is however not a duty meant for the state government alone, this journal is to look  selected interventionist programs of Rep. Abdulraheem Olawuyi, honourable member of House of Representatives, representing Irepodun/Isin/ Ekiti/Oke-Ero.

It will be a repetition to say Rep. Ajulo is involved in provision of critical infrastructural for the  development of education in his constituency. He was responsible for rebuilding of Isepa Community School in Isapa ward of Ekiti Local Government. Similar project is coming up along this line, hoping that interested stakeholders would key in.

It takes a man with a vision to understand that eyes health is an essential part of education. Can you explain what was going on in the mind of Ajulo when he provided Eye Care for 150 Students spread out to his entire constituency? This perhaps is novel in all education intervention I have seen or heard about. This is visionary leadership in open display.

Award of scholarship to four best students in eighty-four public schools should ordinarily make major headlines in dailies but our environment may not be disposed to that because the money is not going into private pockets of some political urchins. The beneficiaries of this gesture and the new eleven students in the higher institution on full scholarship for the session will be eternally grateful giving them this opportunity to be named "Scholars" in their respective schools, without having to lobby or be a nominee of any politician.

The free JAMB form intervention has become a model for anyone who's interested to organise such in the future. The process was so direct and simple; Five Hundred Forms were made available at the constituency's office. Four Hundred and Eighty Forms eventually distributed. On completion and return of the filled forms, One Hundred and Fifty made it having gotten the prerequisite qualification to sit for JAMB into higher institution. The good news is that a larger percentage of them are now in  higher institutions, with eleven of them on scholarship already.

Hussain Bolt, the Jaimacan athletic giant, has never been my man. Our difference is his display after defeating other contestants in a  competition. He will spread his hands to show he's the  true champion racing to the tape after which he will start to beat his chest. In one of the Olympics finals, I sat comfortably with my mom to watch the finals of 100 meters, my choice of winner will surely not be the Bolt but an American. The race commenced and the American seems leading until bolt later caught up with him and made jest of all of them again. My excitement died off and I felt dejected. My Mom was pretending not to be interested in what was going on looked towards my seat and said: "Personal hatred doesn't diminish a champion". This probably a golden statement. Continue your race and we expect more from you for your constituents.

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