Mr Andrew Yakubu, a former NNPC Boss was arrested for corruption by EFCC. The amount of money discovered in his home was N39B ($9.7m and £74000). Today, Mr Andrew is a strong supporter of Buhari and the case is closed! 

N49M was discovered in sacks in Kaduna Airport and today, we are not told who kept the money there, case dead! 
$448M was hidden in a Shopping Plaza in Lagos and the EFCC bursted it. Today, we don't know the owner of the Plaza nor the money. Case closed! 

$43M that was discovered in Osbourne Towers in Ikoyi remains a mystery. The case is dead and even the whistleblower was never paid a dime, case closed! 

There was even another discovery of millions of Dollars stashed in a graveyard also by EFCC, this one too is dead! 

Godswill Akpabio was indicted for stealing 180 billion Naira, case closed!

Adamu Abdullahi was facing a 15 billion Naira corruption charge, case closed!

Yemi Osinanjo was indicted for stealing 5.8billion naira, case closed!

Adams Oshiomhole was indicted for 55 million US dollars in bribery, case closed!

Gov Ganduje was indicted for receiving millions of dollars in bribery, case closed!

Mustapha Maihaja, DG- NEMA was indicted for stealing 33 billion Naira, case closed!

DG NBC, Ishaq Kawu was indicted for stealing 2.5 billion Naira, case closed!

Makanti Baru, GMD NNPC indicted for stealing 7.2 billion dollars, case closed!

The rest are Tinubugate, Amaechi gate, Fasholagate, Mainagate, Barugate.

Even Buhari was indicted for certificate forgery.

Do you still believe that Buhari is fighting corruption?

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