Bukola Saraki entered the national assembly  as something new in  Nigeria history. He was chosen to be the leader of the assembly on the basis of leadership experience.
Saraki was elected purely for himself, his message, his persona and what he symbolizes. 

In 48 brief months, he rose from the obscurity of an ordinary floor member to become the senate president that Nigeria has not had for a long time.
The messenger and his message were inseparable; he offered himself as Exhibit A in the case for hope and change. Saraki was a mirror in which millions of Nigerians saw their cherished ideals reflected: tolerance, cooperation, equality, justice.

After one bruising and tumultuous term in office—a period of leadership crisis and geopolitical upheaval—it’s difficult to recall how he riveted the country simply by being Saraki. 
Despite the continuos and sustained efforts to block his initiatives, slander his name and paint him as a thief, Saraki responded with unusual patience and focused on the bigger picture.

History has proven that political position in Nigeria has a way of humbling its occupants. Saraki left office more human than he entered it, a mere mortal with a track record and the gray hair to show for it. And that track record contains much more than his enemies—or even many of his colleagues have been ready to acknowledge.

Indeed, Saraki’s record is bigger and more substantial than even he allowed himself to admit through much of his time in office. A leader known for his stirring speeches struggled to sell the public on what he was doing and why he was doing it.

It is as if Saraki has fallen under his own spell and began measuring himself not by real wins in the political trenches but by the ephemeral goals of his soaring speeches.  “This is our time to put our people back to work and open doors of opportunity for our kids; to restore prosperity and promote the cause of peace; to reclaim the dream of our heroes past and reaffirm that fundamental truth that, out of many, we are one", he once said.

Through his four years in office as the senate president, Saraki used all the tools in his kit to make significant changes: laws, rules, orders and the bully pulpit. Yet he couldn’t change the nature of politics in Nigeria itself though he tried.

Saraki is our generation's Rockstar, he has swept away the remaining ethnic, political and religious barrier. He has inspired a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-generational coalition.
He relates to all kinds of people everywhere irrespective of their political, ethnic or religious affiliations.

Today, the Abubakar Bukola Saraki (ABS) Foundation led by Engr Otukoko Olayinka  Ibrahim is going from door to door distributing foodstuffs, hand-sanitizers, nose-masks and other items to Kwarans to cushion the negative effect of the stay at home directives occasioned by #covid-19 disaster.
Each ward in Kwara state will be receiving 40bags of rice, multiply this by the numbers of wards in each local government and do the arithmetic.
Everyone in Kwara state irrespective of his/her political or religious affinity will be visited by the ABS Foundation.

I am proud of Dr Bukola Saraki.
I have been vindicated yet again by this gesture.
God bless Bukola Saraki.
God bless the ABS Foundation.
God bless all Sarakites.
God bless Nigeria!

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