All over Nigeria the Christian Association of Nigeria(CAN) has directed that all her five branches or arms should comply with the government  directive that churches and mosques should not open And that Christians in small numbers should worship in their homes Or listen to messages on line with their various denominational HQ messages. What of the illetrates and children who cannot understand complicated rich sermons. In a typical African Sunday service. Singspiration or praise worship and powerful prayer sessions are blessings to worshippers. Often latecomers will hurry to meet the final Pastor's Benediction for the week. 
This is a challenge to Family Parents. 
1.Let tomorrow Sunday not be a day of Laziness. 
2.Donot let Sunday service be substituted with watching TV messages not caring about the unbiblical teachings and doctrines of nowadays. 3.Let Sunday not be one of playing games  
Simple Order of Home Sunday Service (Let it still resemble a  typical  Sunday service to  command Reverence for God on the Lord's Day as we call Sunday. 
It should include 
a) Opening prayer 
(b) Rich Brief  Sunday School like ordinary Bible Story for members to understand and ask questions  
c) Rich Praise Worship I. e. chorus singing 
(d) Bible Reading  
e) Brief Prayer Time whether chorus type  led by a  member or selected worshipper.   
f) Brief  Message (may be from denominational  HQ for that  Sunday)   
g)   Closing Prayer &Benediction by Leader/Coordinator or said in unison.  
Corona Virus should make Nigerian Christians better Tools for God by way of ministering; praying; learning church hymns and psalms. May the gate of hell not destroy our Christian Church worship attitude and observing Sunday as a Spiritual Day in Jesus Name Amen. Honor God on Sunday.  Gospel Herald publications

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