The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, the EFCC as an anti graft agency is helping the current administration in Kwara state to recover stolen government funds by previous administrations particularly between 2003 and 2019. The revelations that of gross financial misappropriation by Bukola Saraki led administration is alarming, not forgetting the fact that he was de facto Governor for another eight years as AbdulFatai Ahmed only acted as a figure head while his acclaimed boss dictated the pace of things in Kwara, all these to the detriment of the good people of Kwara.

The EFCC has recovered stolen assets that were illegally acquired by the two ex-Governors and their cohorts. The anti graft agency after drilling Bukola Saraki's allies, those who participated actively in the looting of Kwara's treasury and has done the bidding of the common man by recovering assets and stolen funds to the tune of over 300 million has now shifted attention to the leader of the kleptomania syndicate that stole everything possible.

Now Kwarans of conscience are urging the anti-graft agency who they have scored high to redouble their efforts in ensuring that all properties that belong to Kwara are recovered.

This call is coming after Bukola Saraki reacting to renewed efforts by the EFCC to quiz him, said that he only received 252 million from the state treasury to build his chalet. He further admitted that the money he received was not enough for the purpose it was meant for. What an affront! 

For the record, Bukola Saraki received the chalets along Alimi road which consists of three houses as pension before he was paid additional 252 million naira again as pension against what is clearly stated in the pension law which states that all ex-Governors are to be built/given one duplex of five bedrooms, no cash grants nor three houses as the ex-Governor has benefited from the state government while the citizens wallow in abject poverty.

The EFCC should as a matter of urgency charge the former Senate President for advance fee fraud in line with his recent boastful confession as it has become  worrisome to Kwarans.

Habeebulah Ibrahim,
Kwara Advocate for Change

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