God is sovereign, He does whatever He wants, any time and any day. The mistakes you will make tomorrow, He knows today, the events of your life are open before Him. 
You cannot impress Him, He knows the end from the beginning. 
But there is one thing that moves God, there is one thing that pleases and forces God. It is FAITH. 
To be believing God is not faith. Faith is to BELIEVE GOD. 
You are yet to have faith if you keep believing God. Faith is to BELIEVE GOD. Mark 9:23 says ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO HIM THAT BELIEVES...not to him that is believing. 
Until your faith gets to the level of 'I BELIEVE GOD'  God may not move. 
Please I beg you in the name of JESUS, BELIEVE THIS GOD...Because He can do all things, He can touch anybody's heart. 
Faith is the key. Faith is the currency that purchases both physical and spiritual things. When you are still believing God, doubts may conquer you, fear may overwhelm you. But if you truly believe. 
Fear and doubts will melt. Faith puts you in the class of God. 
Dear brothers and sisters,What must you BELIEVE?  The word of God is what you must believe. Anything that is not God's word you must begin to doubt. 
You either doubt or believe, there is nothing like 'believing'. Abraham believed God and it was counted to him for righteousness. So do you believe that God can change your story even before tomorrow? Miracles are the natural acts of God and it is faith that produces miracles.  Believe God for something unique and positive to happen in your life after reading this message. Be blessed in Jesus name. 
Caution! Caution! Caution, stop saying that you are believing God for this or that. Start saying that you believe God for this and that.
I pray for you today all things will start working for your glory and all things are possible with faith in the name of Jesus. Happy Sunday

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