Globally, world leaders have been fortifying their country against missile attacks, while some were preparing for nuclear warfare but the 21st century nudged us into the reality of biological warfare even beyond the ideals of Genome soldiers. Microbes. Nigeria is not even on the map!
Do you see why you can't keep hailing or worshipping rulers void of NAFDAC numbers in the 21st century, whose idea of leadership is dependent on foreign aids & unmerited loans they can neither put to progressive use nor account for? Coronavirus is only revealing the gaps. 
The Countries many live to escape to were built by visionaries, who started by building strong institutions. But talk about strengthening institutions in Nigeria and you’ll see youth (future of Nigeria) justifying constitutional breaches to allay their own fears as brainwashed.
I saw the assembly of characters on our Coronavirus TaskForce dotted with “living deads” who are just there for the allocation the same way some of you join threads on Twitter just to read the comments. Yet we pray for a miracle in faith with no work to merit it.
Thankfully you can now simply participate in the fight of Coronavirus by just staying put at home. This requires no qualification, certificate or talent. This way we can at least stop the spread and deal with cases as they manifest. Help NCDCgov and LSMOH to do their best. 

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