Governor Abdulrahaman Abdulrasaq should stop Principal's and Headmaster's from collecting school and PTA fees and direct KWIRS to collect such fees. The money belongs to Kwara not the principal's and their family members.

The money can be added to local government revenues than for it to be used by the principal's for personal entitlements. Principals in most of our public schools make Millions of Naira every term from school fees, they all see the money as personal, some of them told their staff to wait for their own time, so the staff can't remove a single kobo from the money. Some of the rogue principals have more than eight houses in town, they don't use the money for any renovations in the schools, they all wait for the government to come to do it for them.

Now that Oil prices has fallen and we know it's going to affect us all. Kwara being a civil servants state, it's high time governor Abdulrahaman Abdulrasaq allow KWIRS to collect the school fees from all the public school in Kwara State, at least to save the local government and primary school teachers.

The Commissioner of Education need to stand firm now and let the masses know where she belongs, it's for the Principal's or Masses? 

Another option is for governor Abdulrahaman Abdulrasaq to fulfill his free education mantra, which he promised kwarans during the 2019 Campaign period...

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