Kwara is his home and Nigeria is his audience. He believes in the harmony and inner peace by co-existing with nature. 
He is obsessed with the idea of sharing knowledge, inspiring people and giving strength to the weakened souls.

He knows that no people, ethnic group or religious belief is superior to others. 
To him everything and everyone is equal. 
He understands that society should not define ones’ meaning of existence. He is the only one who knows his own worth and not to be evaluated or judged by others. But, he knows and appreciate the beauty in diversity. He believes that different tongues, tribes and beliefs make co-existence colorful, he knows that it is the wisdom and purpose of God on this earth.

He is a lover, a giver, and social  balm.
However, he doesn’t settle for mediocrity. He is against being domesticated, controlled, and enslaved. 
All the time, he is trying to break down the walls and the cages which have bound us. 
Doing the unexpected things is pretty much normal for him– without any explanation and any doubt, he does this unapologetically with a smile.

Because of that, everyone only sees the toughness in his skin – without knowing the stories his eyes could tell.
He keeps his  heart intact to other people’s judgements. 
His invisible fragility makes him even stronger. 

He is fearless of the threat called “uncertainty,” he is the effortless beauty, and tireless of exploring new things in the larger world.

He is a man of noble ambitions, so many to accomplish, a man of uncommon principles.
He is a righteous rebel, a warrior and just fighter.
His name is Abubakar Bukola Saraki, the face of a new Nigeria!

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