I commend @MBuhari for an encouraging, responsible and inspiring national broadcast and for taking sensible and concrete measures to fight the coronavirus. This is the time to set our political differences aside, join hands and do our best to defend and protect our people.
I am also glad that once again @MBuhari took my advice and used the words COVID 19 and CORONA VIRUS to describe the plague and NOT COVIKK 1-9. I commend him for doing so. By the grace of God we as a nation and a people shall get through this challenging time.
...We shall be strong, we shall be faithful to our cause & to our God & we shall weather the storm. We shall not be afraid & we shall not be dismayed because the Lord our God is with us. For Nigeria & the Nigerian people, OLUWA & CHUKWU are involved & it shall end in praise!
Meanwhile president muhammadu Buhari 

Had a live broadcast on Coronavirus outbreak in Nigeria on SUNDAY, AT 7PM ON SUNDAY 29TH MARCH, 2020.

"We are in touch with these institutions as they work towards a solution that will be certified by international and local medical authorities within the shortest possible time.
For now, the best and most efficient way to avoid getting infected is through regular hygienic and sanitary practices as well as social distancing.
As individuals, we remain the greatest weapon to fight this pandemic.
By washing our hands regularly with clean water and soap, disinfecting frequently used surfaces and areas, coughing into a tissue or elbow and strictly adhering to infection prevention control measures in health facilities, we can contain this virus". He said

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