AT a time when countries are paying their citizens for staying at home because of the spread of coronavirus, the Nigerian House of Representatives have just received delivery of some FOUR HUNDRED EXOTIC CARS already  being distributed amongst themselves!!
They got the V6 edition of Toyota Camry 2020. After shipping, one will cost at least $50,000. Multiply that by yourself with the current exchange rate of N380.

 Meanwhile, the Senate are hell bent on spending N37b to insidiously renovate the Senate building. I feel very bitter now. 
We have 100m of us living in abject poverty. We have over 20m of our children on the street. The same devilish politicians use such children as under-aged voters every four years. Our graduates are riding okada. Our people are committing suicide steadily. How many sad situation can I mention that you are not familiar with?

For those of you asking for Oduduwa, Biafra, Arewa, Niger delta countries, remember that these legislators are from your various dream 'countries'. They are your representatives and ambassadors here. They are from different tribes, religion and religion.
I continue to maintain that the problem with Nigeria is Nigerians - not the country that is so heavenly endowed.

 Hereafter, the thievery legislators will end up auctioning these official vehicles to themselves at the end of their tenures just as they did previously. New members will buy new vehicles in the future at our expense. These are supposed to be OFFICIAL VEHICLES!!
 Some parliamentarians in several developed countries do not have official countries. The same countries we borrow from cap in hand!

There are some legislators that have previously received such vehicles 3 times because they are serving 3rd term. This is a country that is borrowing to finance her entire budget and supposedly 'fighting' corruption at the same time. 

How can we make progress as a country with these species of human beings continually running our country aground? It is not corruption that is killing Nigeria. It is the long silence of Nigerians to bad governance that is killing Nigeria.
 It is even more pathetic that Nigerians resident in Nigeria have lost hope to the point that they are just waiting for Nigerians in diaspora to come home and fight for them like a child daily beaten by his evil step mother. Many Nigerians, including the educated ones, do not seem to know that what these politicians are stealing belong to each and everyone of us. It is our commonwealth being stolen by common thieves. Wake up and live now or forever complain on the social media.

These legislators finalized plans to buy these vehicles during a closed door session on 5 February 2020 when COVID-19 was already spreading and other countries were planning and taking concrete actions against the deadly virus. Nigerian politicians are very wicked and insensitive. Meaning that they trekked to the legislature? They had no personal vehicles before now? They swore oaths never to make sacrifices for Nigerians?
They just approved N50b to be given to some Nigerians as loans because of Covid-19. Loans that will attract interest. Not palliative measures! Meaning that Nigerians who are not in government can never enjoy from the country?

Sensible parliamentarians are currently donating their salaries in other countries. The ones in Nigeria receive the highest in the world and will continue to receive the same amount even as they stay home because of the virus. Though we must not wish anybody dead, are you surprised that majority of Nigerians wish that this virus should eliminate our equally deadly politicians? 

Now private Nigerian citizens and foreigners are donating from their hard-earned money to support Nigerians in the fight against the deadly virus while care-free legislators are criminally and desperately mismanaging and spiriting away public resources. Now you can see why they are equally desperate to pass the anti social media bills so that we don't talk in their regular seasons of madness!

Previous legislators auctioned all office furnitures to themselves at the end of their tenures and tax payers' money was spent to buy new furnitures for the 9th assembly. That is outright stealing in disguise. Meaning that if your father or mother is a legislator in Nigeria, you are the son or daughter of a thief. No apologies. How could we have imagined that this recklessness is impossible?

This vexatious nonsense is happening in Nigeria because these greediots have not been stoned by Nigerians as recommended by Amaechi Rotimi who is also part of them.

This will not stop until Nigerians begin to regularly embark on TOTAL CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE to correct these executive maladies. Enough of complaining. Whenever those in government misbehave, we must all protest by staying at home until they change their obnoxious policies. That is the basic instrument of my concept of "Revolution Without Ammunition". No work. No market. No schools. No transportation. No banking. Nothing should be done until something is rightly done. If the deadly coronavirus could force us to stay at home, we could also stay at home as a result of deadly governance.

Infact, Nigerians are not angry enough yet. They may never be!!


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