The builder of the house you see in this picture remains unknown to the villagers, know one lives there, but at night the house will have light with no Nepa or EDDC electric wire attached to the house or even a sound of generator. 

Scariest part is that this house don’t have an entrance way, no gate, just a round fence with no entrance to get in.

In 2012 a boy called Ebuka Ikechwu wanted to know what really lives in the house, he jumped the fence and entered the house of death, he didn’t make it out, he was never seen up to date.

No bird flys over the house, in 2010 the Imo State aviation center bans planes and helicopters from flying over the house. 

Look close at the house you will see clothes hanging there, the clothes changes color every now and then.

It was believed that in 2005 a pregnant woman was seen standing on the window of the house crying with her face and body full of blood, she later closed the window, up to now, Nobody knows how she vanished or left the house.

In year 2018, some children playing ball mistakenly shoot their ball inside the house, the ball was shoot back to them from the house, the boy that shot the ball to the house dies the same day midnight, at midnight before his death, there was a knock on their door three times, the gods demanded for the little boy.

The house of death is located at Amaigbo in Umu-Anu near school of health Imo State.

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