Any government that lacks calculations such government will continue to spend above what it earns...

Kwara State government under the failed APC Party spent *ONE HUNDRED MILLION NAIRA* #100 Million to renovate Kwara State Library. Hundred Million Naira can build a brand new standard library. The funniest thing is, the contractor handling the project is not kwaran, he was asked to use refurbished old windows, old doors and other reusable materials.

The hundred million naira that can build a standard library in Kwara North and Kwara South but embezzled in an established world class library.

Kwarans should please ask our *Rubber Stamp House Of Assembly* to please pass the FOI bill into law. Maybe it is because of all these atrocities as the one above must not see the light of day. Most likely the KWHA members have been bribed by governor Abdulrahaman Abdulrasaq not to sign FOI into law.

Governor Abdulrahaman Abdulrasaq, kwarans voted for you because of change. CERTAINLY not to divert our resources into your family affairs....

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