1. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Most of the diseases we experience in our homes, communities and society at large are as a results of uncleanness, lack of personal hygiene. Washing of hands with soap suppose to be practised regularly, especially before touching your face or eating any food.

2. Coronavirus is now the world power - no longer America - God is greater than man. 

3. Some old, weak and ineffective government officials that FG refused to remove might be removed by coronavirus. Let's wait and watch.

4. Holy matrimony or Wedding can be conducted in the presence of two or three witnesses. All along, we have been stressing one another on ceremonies. Spending huge amount of money, doing lots of running around. Meanwhile, what we actually need can be achieved with ten people in the church and our sitting rooms. Let us think about this. See me if you want me to help you reduce expenses and crowd during any ceremony. Don't print invitation card if you don't want a crowd.

5. We can worship online. When I was in Lagos, I used to worship with Kent Church in UK (Four Square Gospel Church) whenever I was too busy with my official job.

6. We can do bible study on WhatsApp. The same time. The leader will raise some questions and members will contribute.

7. We can pay tithes and offerings online. I pay my own tithes and offerings to church account regularly any time  money comes into my account, not necessarily on Sunday. For those pastors that have trained their members to pay tithes and offerings online, there will be little or no panic this season.

8. It is good to be proactive. If we were proactive enough in Nigeria, we wouldn't have found one another in this tight corner. Closure of borders against humans was neglected why borders were closed against food. Something is wrong somewhere.

9. Personal distances. Many people are not aware that each person is entitled to personal spacing in any gathering. Coronavirus is now reminding us.

10. When someone is sneezing, you are not suppose to say "God bless you" rather move away because the person is distributing something that may affect your health negatively. (It could be cold, coronavirus or any other virus) we should learn to cover our face properly when coughing or sneezing.

11. We can still do so many things together without meeting physically. Let us make maximum use of the technology.

12. God is greater than everyone. He uses foolish things to confuse and disorganize the wise. Kaabiyesi Eledumare

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