Nigerian politician and businessman who was the vice presidential candidate in the 2019 Nigeria general election under the peoples Democratic Party has reacted to the shutdown of all the Business activities and religious gathering in Nigeria. 
The statement on His tweeter read.
"As the lockdown amid corona virus management kicks in, I am concerned about the plight of vulnerable and unemployed Nigerians whose survival is tied to their day-to-day hustles. That's why H.E Atiku's stimulus proposal is imperative.
I believe elected public officials should relocate to their constituencies to mitigate the suffering of their people. This is a time for leaders of all persuasions to join hands for the common good"
Meanwhile, President Muhammadu Buhari, praise the harmony of tackling the spread of coronavirus in the country.
He apprerciates the ways and readiness for self-isolation, social distancing, and contributions of public spirited individuals and institutions who always gathered facilities added to the work of Federal and State governments.

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