He wrote "In a situation where the release of #30,000 monthly stipend is difficult to pay, which kind of package will be an exciting one than permanency for the N-power volunteers? Will the package be in million naira? 

Last year Honourable Senator Ekweremadu raised a motion in the house where he said that all graduates should be paid stipends until they got permanent job. This is the right time we need the support of our senators to come to our assistance if they are truly representing the masses because majority of us in the program are from poor backgrounds who have no connection and possibly that is why we are being treated absurd.

Nigeria is a blessed country with various natural resources and it is one of the wealthiest country in Africa, there is nothing bad in employing the existing beneficiaries if we want to share dividends of democracy to reach the masses because the selection of this current N-power volunteers are the representative of the masses which the selection was done without any connections.

President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo had good motives for the masses that was the reason why they organised unbiased empowerment program to rescue many youths who were still depending on their parents for sustainable living. Although the program had durations but due to their kindness for the masses they still allowed the extension of the program for the benefit of the beneficiaries. 

The situation of the matter now is so complex and difficult to understand because the common news we are hearing now is that "they have over due their time, they must go" after four years.

The statement which we hadn't heard before and the date had been fixed. 

Is it a crime to give children of the poor job? What is our sin? What is crime we have committed? Are we not citizens?  

There are many of our mates who are getting permanent job everytime with their connection but nobody can help us to get such, we are managing where they kept us and the experience we are having now is delay in the payment of stipends and disengagement date. 

Majorities of volunteers got the empowerment at above 30years of age, let's add four years with their age now which means these set of people will have issues with their age when they want to apply for another job.

If they can't again, what is the essence of many years in school with good qualifications? 

Moreover many have married and those that aren't married have responsibilities they are taking. And for those with no responsibility, will it make any sense if they return to their parents or friends to ask for money?

Which kind of job is a matured graduate should go and learn after NYSC program? mechanic ,radionic, vulcanizer, or what? 

What will be a meaningful package than permanency where the N30,000 monthly stipend is difficult to release? 

Everyone believes that the Nigeria has capacity to join another batch with the existing batches without returning anyone here to poverty. 

About the protest or strike, we shouldn't allow those that are not members to mislead us because without these actions the whole country knows what is going on about us. We just need to plead to our senators who have spoken well about the program to work with the presidency to come to our assistance in this time.

This is the right time that our senators should come to our assistance if they are truly representing the masses, we want them to work with the office of the President to come to our assistance. There is no more amount of money that is better than permanent job. 

Continuity of the program is what we are pleading for until individuals fix into the civil service. 

We are appealing to Honourable Lawan who is a Senate President. 

We are appealing to Honourable Femi Gbajabiamila ,Speaker of house of Representatives. 

We are appealing to Honourable Ekweremadu and the senator who proposed permanency for N-power in the house. 

We are appealing to all Senators and Representative members to come to our assistance. 

President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo value the masses that was why they organised the program. We want you to come to our assistance on the news circulating about disengagement. 

We want the progress of this programme till individuals fix to available spaces in Civil service. 

We want others to join us without returning anyone here to poverty level where they picked individuals. 

We appreciate the opportunity given to us by President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo."

God bless Nigerians.
God bless all beneficiaries.

Is this what every N-power volunteers really want? Let us know what you want. Permanency or loan for your exit package?

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