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Speaker of the House of Representatives, has told the new members of the board of the National Assembly Service Commission (NASC) to ensure that the legislature is manned by professionals.
He said this on Thursday while welcoming the members of the commission, led by the Chairman, Engr. Ahmad Khadi Amshi, in his office.
In a speach by Lanre Lasisi, his Special Adviser on Media, the Speaker noted that the members were all carefully selected and that they have lots of experience as former lawmakers and technocrats.
Gbajabiamila said: “We are happy that we have a good team to work with. You are the unsung heroes, people don’t get to hear about what you do, unlike some other well-known Commissions but I believe that as we go along, people will realize how important you are.
“You have a lot to work on, you have to fill the vacuum that has been created and you have to hit the ground running.
“As you do your work, as you deploy people to the National Assembly, you have to take particular note of the fact that the backbone of any democracy is the legislature. An organization filled with people.
“The National Assembly is tired of workers who don’t know their onions, who don’t know anything about what they are expected to do. In a situation like this, it is not the quantity that matters but the quality.
“People often compare our legislature with other advanced parliaments but they fail to realize that it’s not the lawmakers that do the most critical aspects of the job, we (lawmakers) are just advocates”
The Speaker also advised the board to be mindful of in-house politics that is capable of derailing the aspirations of the new board to reposition the National Assembly for better performance.
“Oftentimes, organizations like this are riddled with in-house politics, which creates damages, if you can’t eliminate it, keep it at the barest minimum. This is because what affects you, affects us in the NASS,” he added.

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