All NIGERIANS leaders from old military personnels and our old Politicians both late and existing leaders are the Enemies of our country progress, our leaders started destroying our country right from elementary school Education's they are retarding the progresses of our younger generations with the system of our Education's designed to destroy poor  common citizens children.  
Nigerians for example if their sons and daughters performances are very poor they will export them to continue their Education's as a mature student in Abroads if not when I reached UK I never knew that there is Opportunities for mature people over 20 to study the subject of their choices.  
The same type s of people found it very difficult to setup the same systems of Education's in Nigeria'to help poor people because they wanted to use poor people heads as table to eat in their dinning rooms but God is greater than all of you evildoers. 
Another thing, some of our leaders if they are in Government they are destroying themselves for personal interests not necessarily for our country developments. Our ex- IG  Chief BALOGUN destroyed and I was thinking that it will leads to good development of this country but at the end of the whole issues those who brought him down did it for personal reasons  we must stop deceiving ourselves in this country, all our Ex--presidents and their Vice-president. 
Have personal jets where did they get the money to buy private jets IF NIGERIA will change the case of IG chief BALOGUN must review by current administration and every money that Ex-president OBASANJO spent on his personal businesses must be returned because how can you you punished somebody  for stealing and you yourself stole more than him we must stop primitive politics in this country Also our Governors are using their state Allocations for their personal businesses  if not primitive politics what is the purposes of security allowances that Federal Government gave to Governors of states Annually the allowance is to protect individual states against Terrorism's and all other criminalities current administration must work on all these before the end of the Administration in 2023 free health care mustn't be our problems in this country and we must stop using the lives our soldiers to play politics by not provide them with proper Weapons to defend themselves against Enemies free medications of all types are very important for us in this country  Common citizens are facing deaths on avoidable diseases we must stop posting Enemies to YORUBALANDS as security officers they are killing Yoruba YOUTHS too much those who are supposed to protect our children are killing our children our honest PMB remember you aren't going to be there forever 2023 is just round the corner God bless NIGERIA and bless our honest PMB Amen

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