Omolola Adebimpe, 19 years old who works for Mr and Mrs Babalola at Omiasoro Area, Ilesha, has allegedly killed her madam at their resident all because she is jealous of the love the couple have for each other.

It was disclosed by a witness, madam Rachael Folorunsho, who said that they heard Mrs Babalola is dead which made them visit her resident, where she discovered it was their housemaid that had killed her.

She added that, the deceased and her husband have been good to this maid, in which they always take care of her as if she's member of the family. But it was a sadden news to hear she killed her boss.

When asked why she did that, Adebimpe the housemaid said it was devil that used her. She explained that she's the only one doing the work in the house and also because they are always showing love all around the house even in her presence.

She added that the way the husband always do with his wife has made her fall in love with him and she wished it was her in madam replacement, and her friend advised her to kill her.

When asked how she was able to kill her, she explained she had to put poison in her food as she's always the one cooking for the entire family. With a voice of regret she said it was after the plan was successful that she realized that she had murdered her madam.

Please be careful of the housemaid you allow to work in your house, many are evil and wicked. May God save us from people we love but do not love us

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