The attention of Kwara Must Change has been drawn to the unfortunate increments of cost of food items in the market, following the declaration of a lockdown in the state to prevent the spread of Corona Virus. 

We feel sad about this development because, at a time, when we should be thinking of saving each other, some people are already making life more miserable for their fellow human beings due to greed.

Kwara Must Change would like to say that,  this is a time to save lives, not a time to make profit and anyone causing unnecessary hardship on fellow human beings by unduly increasing cost of food items during this emergency period should desist from doing such.

As citizens, it is our responsibility to make life easier for each other, not make it worse.

We therefore plead with sellers of food items to return the prices back to the original cost in the interest of all.

We also call on government to look into such matter as soon as possible. 

Mopelola AbdulMalik 
Woman Leader
Kwara Must Change

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