The Kwara Patriotic Front (KPF), a non-political group consisting of youths across Kwara State, has advised Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq to concentrate on fulfillment of the numerous promises he made to the people of the state before his election in 2019 instead of spearheading lies about the administration of his predecessors.

In a statement signed by Mohammed Ayelabowo, the chairman, the group stated that it decided to issue the warming to Abdulrazaq after it became known that he was planning to sponsor series of publications aimed at painting black the Bukola Saraki and Abdulfatai Ahmed administrations as a way of covering up the failure of the current government to initiate any major project or policy as it moves towards its first anniversary in office.

The group noted that the Abdulrazaq government has commissioned some publications which instead of giving account of its one year in office will be devoted to propagating how the past administrations in “the last 16 years did nothing to improve the state”, a claim it described as “outrightly false and irresponsible”.

“This new plan by the Kwara State Government is a mere diversionary tactic. Instead of looking forward and working for the people, initiating projects, policies and programmes that will endear it to the people, the Government is planning an elaborate and expensive game of blackmail and incitement against past governments.

“This is a government that was elected based on falsehood peddled against past administrations and numerous promises aimed at making the state better and improving on the condition of living of the people. However, what we have seen so far are cosmetic shows and appearances aimed at creating photo opportunities.

“This is undesirable and unacceptable. Kwara is not the only state in Nigeria where there was ‘hostile take over’ of government between parties and individuals that are in opposition to each other in 2019. All the other governors in that situation have settled down to move their states forward. We can see Seyi Makinde in Oyo State, Bello Muttawali in  Zamfara, Bala Mohammed in Bauchi,  Ahmadu Fintiri in Adamawa and the rest of them. They have moved on to face the challenges of government. Abdulrahman should start facing the challenges of governance and stop living in the past”, the Kwara front noted.

The group advised the government to stop peddling false information as it noted that the statistics did not favour any claim that even former Governor Abdulfatai Ahmed who is believed not to have done too well has a better record  in his first year than what the present governor could boast of.

“We recall that this time in 2012, the immediate past administration had initiated resumption of work on 28 inherited road projects covering about 256.127 kilometers and that the dualisation of Offa Garage - Dangote Road  and reconstruction of Kaiama -Kishi had commenced. Also, the Abdulfatai Government had commenced the Iponrin, Sekun-Owode and Bokungi-Jambufu Electrification project was in top gear. Also, the Kwara Micro Credit Intervention Scheme in which N250 million to kick-start it had been launched. These are few of the projects and programmes which the past government initiated in its first year.

“We challenge the present administration in Kwara State to also give account of its tangible projects and programmes that are aimed at improving the lot of the people and stop shadow chasing. The people are waiting for the fulfillment of the numerous promises made by the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the last election.

“We therefore call on the Abdulrazaq administration to focus on provision of jobs for the youth, renewing education, health and social infrastructure across the state and re-energizing the agriculture sector with programmes that will encourage farmers to produce more with less efforts instead of dissipating energy and resources on less productive blackmail venture against past administrations”.

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