The Live broadcast of President muhammadu Buhari has generate many reactions from Nigerians.
 Many of them believe that the broadcast was not accomplished with the Journalist like other country
Here are some of the reactions
"This is not live. What is going on?Where are the local or international press?.Other countries have foreign journalists. Is this what we call ‘normal’ . Take President of Ghana.He addressed his people in a normal fashion. This should not be put up with. We’re in the 21st century". Abayomi tweeted

"I expected that there would have been a team of journalists, pressmen, NCDC Boss and stake holders in the health sectors to entertain questions. This is a serious issue, not just restrictions of movement. I expected more given the long silence".QueenE tweeted

Meanwhile Femi Fani Kayode commend Buhari for an encouraging, responsible and inspiring national broadcast and for taking sensible and concrete measures to fight the corona virus. This is the time to set our political differences aside, join hands and do our best to defend and protect our people.

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