How can any serious leader at a time like this encourage the posting of himself seating comfortably in his home with face mask in a purported meeting to “discuss and evaluate” the level of preparation for the Coronavirus in the state?.

What DA should be doing is meeting with Medical experts, scientists, nurses, health care givers and relevant bodies. Visiting facilities and centers in other to gather expert advise on what to do, how much is required and how to react when the numbers increase (It will increase).

The questions DA should be asking is:
(1). how many tests have been done for people in Ogun state so far? 
(2). How many known persons have recently visited any of the high risk countries? 
(3). How many test kits are available and how many may be required?
(4). What is the State capacity to respond should the number hit 10, 20, 50 or 100+?
(5). What mechanisms are in place to react and what are our response strategies and time?

This is most unfortunate. My sincere concern is for our dear state. The danger in playing politics with lack of leadership is that many lives will be lost. DA’s immediate families are well protected and covered. The picture clearly shows that he does not even take chances in his home. 

DA should be in the forefront leading the battle against this virus, leadership comes with responsibilities. This is not a business opportunity, but a dare need for selfless and serious leadership. 

God help us all. Amen

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